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West Coast Appliance Service Washer Repair

West Coast Appliance Service proudly serves Sacramento, CA-area residents with a wide array of household appliance repair needs. Our washer repair services ensure you can keep your clothes washed by keeping your unit running optimally. We have a team of technicians with ample training and experience working on various types of washers and dryers, including full-size and stackable units. We understand you have a broad range of choices in washers, so our team stays knowledgeable about various brands and models. If your washer is acting up in any way, let our technicians repair it with professional work quality and long-lasting results.

man repairing washing machine

Common Issues With Washers of All Types

Whatever issue you encounter with your washers, West Coast Appliance Service’s highly trained technicians have extensive expertise in repairing appliances. We understand how to address functional problems in many makes and models of washers to ensure they run optimally again with long-term results.

Your Washer Won’t Start, or the Timer Will Not Cycle Properly

These problems can happen because many possible reasons, so having a trained professional examine your washer is essential to resolve the issue conclusively. Our technicians have ample training and experience performing repairs on washers with these issues.

The Washer Is Leaking Water or Leaving Stains on Your Clothes

Nobody wants to deal with a wet puddle of water spreading across their floor and soaking into the woodwork. Furthermore, finding stains in your clothing after washing them can ruin your fashionable investments. Let us fix your washer if water leaks or you find stains in your clothes.

One or More of the Wash Cycles Will Not Complete

Your washer’s only good if it can complete all the wash cycles to clean your clothes. If your washer is stopping mid-cycle or won’t transition to the next one, we can find the cause of your issue and resolve it so that you don’t need to run your clothes to a local laundromat every week.

Serving Households Throughout Sacramento, CA

West Coast Appliance Service is an appliance repair service provider to households throughout the area. Our technicians offer full-service perks when you reach out to us. For instance, you won’t need to clear standing water out of your washer because we carry a pump to do that. We offer same-day service and accurate estimates to ensure our customers have the repair services they need to maintain their households.

Schedule Service to Repair Your Home Appliance