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Keeping Your Family Fed With Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator is a major appliance nearly any household relies on to keep their perishable foods fresh and ready to cook or eat. When a problem develops in your fridge, you need a trained professional to fix it and restore cooler temperatures and a fully functional appliance. West Coast Appliance Service proudly service Sacramento, CA-area residents with refrigerator repair services. Our technicians have extensive training and experience with almost any refrigerator make and model, and same-day service is generally available if you have an emergency situation.

man repairing refrigerator

Solutions for Nearly Any Refrigerator Issue

You invest a lot of money into your appliances, so you want them to work as well as possible for as long as they can hold up. West Coast Appliance Service values your investment and performs repairs on nearly all refrigerator brands and models to ensure you get the most out of them.

Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling Properly or Isn’t Running at All

A non-working fridge can lead to spoiled food and wasted money at the grocery store, leaving your family with nothing for dinner and a mess to throw away. Our technicians work on a wide array of refrigerator models and perform repairs to ensure your food stays cool and fresh.

The Doors Don’t Close Well, or Your Interior Lights Don’t Work

If your doors won’t close and create and proper seal, you could be wasting money with a constantly running fridge, or your food could go bad. Additionally, it’s hard to see what you have without properly working lights. Make sure your refrigerator is in top working condition with our team’s appliance expertise and repair solutions.

Your Ice Maker Doesn't Produce Any or Enough Ice Cubes

You can’t keep your drink cold without ice cubes, so let our technicians check your icemaker to find the root cause of your issue. We can perform quick and conclusive repairs to resolve nearly any issue and get your ice maker in top working condition again.

Repairs Available to Sacramento, CA Area Customers

West Coast Appliance Service’s team of technicians is ready to respond to your appliance repair needs and provide prompt solutions with the exceptional work quality. We have three decades of experience serving local residents, and our priority is fixing your refrigerator with long-lasting results. You spend a significant amount of money on appliances, so we ensure you can get the most use out of them.

Schedule Service to Repair Your Home Appliance