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Sacramento, CA’s Reliable Microwave Repair Pros

A fully functional microwave makes cooking meals and heating beverages quick and simple by pressing a few buttons. However, microwaves are like any other appliance and can break or fail in performance over time. When you have any issue with your appliance in Sacramento, CA, West Coast Appliance Service can help with microwave repair services. Our highly trained technicians have experience performing repairs on a wide array of microwave brands and models. We’re well-versed in various problems these appliances can develop and the best repair solutions to get them running optimally again.

man reparing oven

Our Technicians Handle Various Problems

As appliance repair professionals, West Coast Appliance Service’s technicians understand how valuable your microwave is to your daily routine. You want to get the most use out of it, so keeping it in top working condition is imperative to its longevity. We provide prompt, effective microwave repair services to ensure your appliance investment stays fully functional for as long as possible.

Food Doesn’t Cook Properly, or Your Unit Doesn’t Operate at All

A failing or malfunctioning microwave could leave your frozen dinners a block of ice, and you can’t do anything with a non-working unit. Our technicians specialize in identifying the cause of a malfunctioning microwave and determining the best possible repair solution to restore its performance.

You Have Any Problem With Your Door or Door Gasket

Your microwave can't work correctly if the door doesn't close or you have any other issue with it. Let us check your microwave’s door or door gasket and fix the issue to keep your unit running safely and dependably. We have experience working on a wide array of microwave models, ensuring we can get yours back in top working condition.

The Glass Breaks on Your Microwave

Don't try to fix your microwave's broken glass yourself and risk further damage or an injury. Leave broken glass replacement to our professional technicians. We match your replacement glass to your unit’s make and model to ensure it fits properly and looks fantastic when we finish.

Over 30 Years of Satisfied Households

West Coast Appliance Service has served households with exceptional appliance repair services for over three decades. We’ve built our business on a history of professional work quality and satisfied customers. If your microwave has broken glass, a faulty door hinge, or any other issue, you can trust our technicians to fix it.

Schedule Service to Repair Your Home Appliance