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Sacramento, CA’s Dryer Repair Professionals

Professional appliance care is priceless whenever you have an issue slowing or stopping your daily home routine. A fully functional washer and dryer ensure you have clean clothes when you need them, but a dryer issue prevents you from finishing your loads. West Coast Appliance Service offers Sacramento, CA residents quick and efficient dryer repair solutions on a wide array of brands and models. We have over three decades of experience serving the community’s appliance repair needs, giving us in-depth expertise in all types of issues in various dryers, including full-size dryers and stackable units.

man repairing dryer

Solutions for a Wide Array of Dryer Issues

West Coast Appliance Service has experience working on various types of dryers with countless common and unique issues. Our technicians carefully examine your make and model to determine the precise cause of any problem to determine the best repair options. A dryer issue can happen anytime, and the chance of functional problems can increase with its age.

Your Dryer Isn’t Starting or Running at All

Be sure to always check the breaker first as a possible quick solution to this dryer issue. If the breaker isn't the problem and your dryer won't start or run, you can get in contact with us for prompt, professional repairs.

The Drum Makes a Lot of Noise When It Turns

If you have an issue or any other operational problem, reaching out to our repair professionals is a better choice than trying to fix it yourself and potentially causing more damage or hurting yourself. Our expert repairs resolve your dryer issues quickly and conclusively with long-term results.

Even Though Your Dryer Runs, There’s No Heat While It’s Running

his can be an issue with gas and electric dryers, and we work on both types. You can call us or drop us an email to schedule repairs. Our technicians will assess your dryer’s condition and how to restore the heat.

It’s Easier to Prevent Issues Before They Occur

Always remember to clean out your lint trap after every load of laundry you run in your dryer. Clearing the lint trap will save you energy and money, and you can avoid problems developing by ensuring lint doesn’t build up. West Coast Appliance Service is ready to provide dryer repair solutions if your unit does have any issues. We work hard to return you to your regular daily routine.

Schedule Service to Repair Your Home Appliance